Analogical and Inductive Inference

1st International Workshop, AII '86

Wendisch-Rietz, GDR, October 1986.

The Proceedings of AII '86 have been published in:

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 265, Springer-Verlag, 1987.

and are available ON-LINE.

ISBN 3-540-18081-8

Editor: K.P. Jantke.

Table of Contens

Robert P. Daley:
Towards the Development of an Analysis of Learning Algorithms (Invited Key Note). 1-18
Volker Bauche:
Using the Algorithm of Analogy for Generation of Robot Programs. 19-22
William I. Gasarch and Carl H. Smith:
On the Inference of Sequences of Functions. 23-41
Tamás Gergely and Zsolt Szabó:
Fixed Point Equations as Hypotheses in Inductive Reasoning. 42-54
Jan Grabowski:
Inductive Inference of Functions from Noised Observations. 55-60
Makoto Haraguchi and Setsuo Arikawa:
Reasoning by Analogy as a Partial Identity Between Models. 61-87
Andras Juhos:
Can Missing Information be Also Useful? 88-104
Steffen Lange:
A Decidability Problem of Church-Rosser Specifications for Program Synthesis. 105-124
Charles Melis and Erica Melis:
Some Considerations About Formalization of Analogical Reasoning. 125-134
Dieter Pötschke:
Analogical Reasoning Using Graph Transformations. 135-144
Joachim Selbig:
Knowledge Acquisition by Inductive Learning from Examples. 145-163
Carl H. Smith and Mahendran Velauthapillai:
On the Inference of Programs Approximately Computing the Desired Function. 164-176
Zsolt Szabó:
Stratified Inductive Hypothesis Generation. 177-195
Helmut Thiele:
A Model Theoretic Oriented Approach to Analogy. 196-208
Rolf Wiehagen:
On the Complexity of Effective Program Synthesis. 209-219
Thomas Zeugmann:
On Barzdin's Conjecture. 220-227

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