Analogical and Inductive Inference

2nd International Workshop, AII '89

Reinhardsbrunn Castle, GDR, October 1989.

The Proceedings of AII '89 have been published in:

Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 397, Springer-Verlag, 1989.

and are available ON-LINE.

ISBN 3-540-51734-0

Editor: K.P. Jantke.

Table of Contens

Invited Lectures

Rusins Freivalds, Efim B. Kinber and Rolf Wiehagen:
Inductive Inference from Good Examples. 1-17
Leonard Pitt:
Inductive Inference, DFAs, and Computational Complexity. 18-44
Yves Kodratoff, Marta Franová and Derek Partridge:
Why and How Program Synthesis? 45-59
Maurice Bruynooghe and Danny De Schreye:
Some Thoughts on the Role of Examples in Program Transformation and its Relevance for Explanation-based Learning. 60-77
Manfred K. Warmuth:
Towards Representation Independence in PAC Learning. 78-103
Takashi Yokomori:
Learning Context-Free Languages Efficiently - A Report on Recent Results in Japan. 104-123

Inductive Inference I

William I. Gasarch, Ramesh K. Sitaraman, Carl H. Smith and Mahendran Velauthapillai:
Learning Programs With an Easy to Calculate Set of Errors. 124-137
Rusins Freivalds and Juris Viksna:
Inductive Inference up to Immune Sets. 138-147
Efim B. Kinber and Thomas Zeugmann:
Refined Query Inference. 148-160
Oded Maler and Amir Pnueli:
Learning ω-Regular Languages from Queries and Counter-Examples (A Preliminary Report). 161-170
Stuart A. Kurtz and Carl H. Smith:
A Refutation of Barzdins' Conjecture. 171-176

Artificial Intelligence Approaches

Gunther Sablon, Luc De Raedt and Maurice Bruynooghe:
Generalizing Multiple Examples in Explanation Based Learning. 177-183
Steven Salzberg:
Nested Hyper-Rectangles for Exemplar-Based Learning. 184-201
Peter A. Flach:
Second-order Inductive Learning. 202-216

Analogical Reasoning

Bipin Indurkhya:
Modes of Analogy. 217-230
Manfred Kerber:
Some Aspects of Analogy in Mathematical Reasoning. 231-242
Randy Goebel:
A Sketch of Analogy as Reasoning with Equality Hypotheses. 243-253
Christopher J. Thornton:
Analogical Inference as Generalised Inductive Inference. 254-263
Dieter Pötschke:
Analogical Reasoning for Second Generation Expert Systems. 264-276

Inductive Inference II

Inguna Greitane:
Probabilistic Inductive Inference of Indices in Enumerable Classes of Total Recursive Functions. 277-287
Muffy Thomas and Klaus P. Jantke:
Inductive Inference for Solving Divergence in Knuth-Bendix Completion. 288-303
Steffen Lange:
Towards a Set of Inference Rules for Solving Divergence in Knuth-Bendix Completion. 304-316
N. A. Chuzhanova:
Inductive Synthesis of Programs for Symbolic Sequences Processing. 317-327
Guntis Barzdins:
Inductive Synthesis of Encoding for Algebraic Abstract Data Types. 328-338

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