Analogical and Inductive Inference

3rd International Workshop, AII'92

Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, October 1992.

The Proceedings of AII '92 have been published in:

Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 642, Springer-Verlag, 1992.

and are available ON-LINE

ISBN 3-540-56004-1

Editor: K.P. Jantke.

Table of Contens

Invited Talks

John Case, Dayanand S. Rajan, and Anil M. Shende:
Representing the Spatial/Kinematic Domain and Lattice Computers. 1-25
Zhixiang Chen and Wolfgang Maass:
A Solution of the Credit Assignment Problem in the Case of Learning Rectangles (Abstract). 26-34
John J. Grefenstette:
Learning Decision Strategies with Genetic Algorithms. 35-50
Nada Lavrac and Saso Dzeroski:
Background Knowledge and Declarative Bias in Inductive Concept Learning. 51-71
Rolf Wiehagen and Thomas Zeugmann:
Too Much Information Can be Too Much for Efficient Learning. 72-86

Submitted Papers

Kurt Ammon:
Some Experiments With a Learning Procedure. 87-98
Kalvis Apsitis, Rusins Freivalds, Martins Krikis, Raimonds Simanovskis, and Juris Smotrovs:
Unions of Identifiable Classes of Total Recursive Functions. 99-107
Ganesh Baliga, Sanjay Jain, and Arun Sharma:
Learning from Multiple Sources of Inaccurate Data. 108-128
John Case, Keh-Jiann Chen, and Sanjay Jain:
Strong Separation of Learning Classes. 129-139
William W. Cohen:
Desiderata for Generalization-to-N Algorithms. 140-150
Robert P. Daley, Bala Kalyanasundaram, and Mahe Velauthapillai:
The Power of Probabilism in Popperian FINite Learning (extended abstract). 151-169
Peter A. Flach:
An Analysis of Various Forms of ‘Jumping to Conclusions’. 170-186
Rusins Freivalds and Achim Hoffmann:
An Inductive Inference Appoach to Classification. 187-196
William I. Gasarch and Mahendran Velauthapillai:
Asking Questions Versus Verifiability. 197-213
Bipin Indurkhya:
Predicative Analogy and Cognition. 214-231
Efim Kinber:
Learning A Class of Regular Expressions via Restricted Subset Queries. 232-243
Steffen Lange and Thomas Zeugmann:
A Unifying Approach to Monotonic Langauge Learning on Informant. 244-259
Yasuhito Mukouchi:
Characterization of Finite Identification. 260-267
Scott O'Hara:
A Model of the ‘Redescription’ Process in the Context of Geometric Proportional Analogy Problems. 268-293
Foster J. Provost and Bruce G. Buchanan:
Inductive Strengthening: the Effects of a Simple Heuristic for Restricting Hypothesis Space Search. 294-304
Yuji Takada:
On Identifying DNA Splicing Systems from Examples. 305-319

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