Data Mining with Graphical Models
(invited lecture for ALT 2002 and DS 2002)

Authors: Rudolf Kruse and Christian Borgelt

Affiliation: Department of Knowledge Processing and Language Engineering, School of Computer Science, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany

Abstract. Data Mining, or Knowledge Discovery in Databases, is a fairly young research area that has emerged as a reply to the flood of data we are faced with nowadays. It tries to meet the challenge to develop methods that can help human beings to discover useful patterns in their data. One of these techniques --- and definitely one of the most important, because it can be used for such frequent data mining tasks like classifier construction and dependence analysis --- is learning graphical models from datasets of sample cases. In this lecture we review the ideas underlying graphical models, with a special emphasis on the less well known possibilistic networks. We discuss the main principles of learning graphical models from data and consider briefly some algorithms that have been proposed for this task as well as data preprocessing methods and evaluation measures.

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