The 18th International Conference
Algorithmic Learning Theory

Sendai International Center, Sendai, Japan
October 1-4, 2007


     The following papers have been accepted for ALT 2007.
     There is no particular order in the list.

     Please keep in mind that we need your final version until

July 20, 2007.
     Please prepare your final version in accordance with the 
     Instructions for authors.

Cluster Identification in Nearest-Neighbor Graphs Markus Maier, Matthias Hein, Ulrike von Luxburg

Prescribed Learning of R.E. Classes Sanjay Jain, Frank Stephan, Nan Ye

Following the Perturbed Leader to Gamble at Multi-Armed Bandits Jussi Kujala, Tapio Elomaa

Separating Models of Learning with Faulty Teachers Vitaly Feldman, Shrenik Shah, Neal Wadhwa

On Calibration Error of Randomized Forecasting Algorithms V.V. V'yugin

One-shot Learners Using Negative Counterexamples and Nearest Positive Examples Sanjay Jain, Efim Kinber

Learning Efficiency of Very Simple Grammars from Positive Data Ryo Yoshinaka

Online Regression Competitive with Changing Predictors Steven Busuttil, Yuri Kalnishkan

Polynomial Summaries of Positive Semidefinite Kernels Kilho Shin, Tetsuji Kuboyama

Parallelism Increases Iterative Learning Power John Case, Samuel E. Moelius III

Parameterized Learnability of k-Juntas and related Problems V. Arvind, Johannes Köbler, Wolfgang Lindner

Polynomial Time Algorithms for Learning k-Reversible Languages and Pattern Languages with Correction Queries Cristina Tirnauca, Timo Knuutila

Feasible Iteration of Feasible Learning Functionals John Case, Timo Kötzing, Todd Paddock

Multiple Pass Streaming Algorithms for Learning Mixtures of Distributions in Rd Kevin Chang

Tuning Bandit Algorithms in Stochastic Environments Jean-Yves Audibert, Rémi Munos, Csaba Szepesvári

Continuity of Performance Metrics for Thin Feature Maps Adam Kowalczyk

Learning Rational Stochastic Tree Languages François Denis, Amaury Habrard

Learning in Friedberg Numberings Sanjay Jain, Frank Stephan

Exact Learning of Finite Unions of Graph Patterns from Queries Rika Okada, Satoshi Matsumoto, Tomoyuki Uchida, Yusuke Suzuki, Takayoshi Shoudai

Vapnik-Chervonenkis Dimension of Parallel Arithmetic Computations César Luis Alonso, José Luis Montaña

Multiclass Boosting Algorithms for Shrinkage Estimators of Class Probability Takafumi Kanamori

Pseudometrics for State Aggregation in Average Reward Markov Decision Processes Ronald Ortner

Learning Kernel Perceptrons on Noisy Data using Random Projections Guillaume Stempfel, Liva Ralaivola

Learning and Verifying Graphs using Queries with a Focus on Edge Counting Lev Reyzin, Nikhil Srivastava

Measuring Task Similarity in Transfer Learning using Kolmogorov Complexity M. M. Hassan Mahmud

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