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This volume contains all the papers that were presented at the Fourth Workshop on Algorithmic Learning Theory (ALT '93), which was held at University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo from Novermber 8th to 10th, 1993. In addition to 3 invited papers, 29 papers were selected from among 47 submitted extended abstracts, which represents the highest number of papers submitted to an ALT workshop, exceeding 46 which were recorded in 1990.

This workshop was the fourth in a series of ALT workshops, whose focus is on theories of machine learning and the application of such theories to real world learning problems. The ALT workshops have been held annually since 1990, sponsored by the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence. In the past, ALT alternated between an English-language international conference and a Japanese-language domestic workshop. (ALT'90 was international whereas ALT'91 and ALT'92 were more or less domestic.) Starting with ALT'93, all the future ALT workshops will be English-language international conferences, and researchers from throughout the world will be invited to present papers and to attend the conference.

This year, we were fortunate to include three invited papers by distinguished researchers: "Identifying and Using Patterns in Sequential Data" by Dr. P. Laird, NASA Ames Research Center, "Learning Theory Toward Genome Informatics" by Prof. S. Miyano, Kyushu University, and "Optimal Layered Learning: A PAC Approach to Incremental Sampling" by Prof. S. Muggleton, Oxford University. It goes without saying that the three researchers are distinguished theoreticians, but at the same time the issues they addressed were highly practically relevant. It is our hope that the future ALT workshops will continue to bring together researchers from both theoretical and practical sides of machine learning to provide a forum for truly worthwhile research interactions.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the many individuals who made this workshop possible. These include the invited speakers, all the presenters and participants at the workshop, the members of the steering committee, the members of the program committee, and many sub-referees who helped insure the quality of the accepted papers, and many others.

Last but not least, we gratefully acknowledge the support of the Telecommunications Advancement Foundation.

Tokyo, November, 1993

K.P. Jantke

S. Kobayashi

E. Tomita

T. Yokomori

Conference Chairman

Shigenobu Kobayashi

ALT'93 Program Committee

N. AbeM. HaraoP. LairdMasahiko Sato
K. Akama Hideki ImaiM. LiMasako Sato
D. Angluin Hiroshi Imai A. Maruoka T. Sato
S. ArikawaY. Inagaki D. Michie T. Shinohara
J. Arima B. Indurkhya S. Miyano Y. Shirai
H. Asoh M. Ishikawa H. Motoda C.H. Smith
A. Biermann H. Ishizaka K. Morik Y. Takada
J. Case K.P. Jantke S. Muggleton H. Tsukimoto
R. Daley E. Kinber T. NishidaE. Ukkonen
R. Freivalds Y. Kodratoff S. Nishio O. Watanabe
K. Furukawa A. Konagaya M. Numao R. Wiehagen
M. Hagiya S. Kuhara H. Ono A. Yamamoto
M. Haraguchi S. Kunifuji L. Pitt T. Yokomori (Chairman)

Local Arrangement Committee

T. KasaiT. Nishizawa H. Takahashi M. Wakatsuki
Satoshi Kobayashi A. Sakurai E. Tomita (Chairman)

Sponsored by Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI)

In Cooperation with

Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)
Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers of Japan (IEICE)
Japanese Cognitive Science Society (JCSS)
Japan Society for Software Science and Technology (JSSST)
Japan Neural Network Society (JNNS)
Society of Instrument and Control Engineers of Japan (SICE)

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