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The papers in these proceedings were presented at the Eighth International Workshop on Algorithmic Learning Theory (ALT'97), held in Sendai, Japan, October 6-8, 1997. The workshop was sponsored by the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI) and Tohoku University.

Forty-two papers on all aspects of computational learning theory and related areas were submitted, nearly all electronically. Twenty-six papers were accepted for presentation at the conference. The papers were selected by the program committee based on originality, quality, and relevance to the theory of machine learning.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the program committee members for their time and effort: Naoki Abe, Nader Bshouty, Nicolo Cesa-Bianchi, Makoto Haraguchi, Hiroki Ishizaka, Klaus P. Jantke, Philip Long, Shinichi Morishita, Hiroshi Motoda, Yasubumi Sakakibara, Arun Sharma, Ayumi Shinohara, Carl Smith, Frank Stephan, Naftali Tishby, Les Valiant, Paul Vitanyi, Osamu Watanabe, Takashi Yokomori, and Bin Yu.

On behalf of the program committee and the organization committee, we would like to express our gratitude to our four distinguished invited speakers Manuel Blum, Wolfgang Maass, Lenny Pitt, and Masahiko Sato.

We gratefully acknowledge Thomas Zeugmann's contribution in helping to produce the ALT'97 logo. We also thank Setsuo Arikawa, Satoru Miyano, Arun Sharma, Takeshi Shinohara, and Takashi Yokomori for their advice, IFIP for providing a student scholarship, local arrangement committee chair Hirotomo Aso, and Tomonori Shimomura for drawing the ALT poster. We are also grateful to our referees who are listed on a separate page.

Last but not least, we are very grateful to all the institutions and corporations which have supported the meeting:

City of Sendai

Fujitsu, Ltd.

Hitachi, Ltd.

IBM Japan, Ltd.

Inoue Foundation for Science

Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

NEC Corporation

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

NTT Data Corporation

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

Omron Corporation

Sharp Corporation

Sony Corporation

The Asahi Glass Foundation

The Telecommunications Advancement Foundation

Toshiba Corporation

Hong Kong, June, 1997, Ming Li, Program Committee Chair
Sendai, June, 1997, Akira Maruoka, Conference Chair

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