The 9th International Conference
Algorithmic Learning Theory

Otzenhausen, Germany
October 8-10, 1998



Thursday, October 8, from 10.00 to 13:15 at the European Academy, Otzenhausen

Thursday, October 8, Afternoon

13.30 - 13.40: Opening: Michael M. Richter

SESSION 1: Thursday, October 8, Afternoon

Chair: Rolf Wiehagen

13.40 - 14.40: Invited Talk by Stefan Wrobel

ILP for Data Mining: Theoretical, Algorithmical and Practical Aspects of Scalability

SESSION 2: Thursday, October 8, Afternoon

Chair: Steffen Lange

14.40 - 15.05: J. Case, M. Ott, A. Sharma and F. Stephan

Learning To Win Process-Control Games Watching Game-Masters

15.05 - 15.30: K. Apsitis, R. Freivalds, R. Simanovskis and J. Smotrovs

Closedness Properties in EX-identification of Recursive Functions

Coffee Break

SESSION 3: Thursday, October 8, Afternoon

Chair: Sanjay Jain

16.30 - 16.55: V.N. Shevchenko and N.Yu. Zolotykh

Lower Bounds for the Complexity of Learning Half-Spaces with Membership Queries

16.55 - 17.20: M. Fischlin

Cryptographic Limitations on Parallelizing Membership and Equivalence Queries

17.20 - 17.45: G. Melideo and S. Varriccho

Learning Unary Output Two-Tape Automata from Multiplicity and Equivalence Queries

17.45 - 18.10: P. Damaschke

Computational Aspects of Parallel Attribute-Efficient Learning

18.10 - 18.35: F. Denis

PAC Learning with Positive Statistical Queries

Dinner Break

20.00 - 20.45: Business Meeting

SESSION 4: Friday, October 9, Morning

Chair: Thomas Zeugmann

9.00 - 10.00: Invited Talk by Akira Maruoka

Structured Weight-Based Prediction Algorithms

Coffee Break

SESSION 5: Friday, October 9, Morning

Chair: Stefan Wrobel

10.20 - 10.45: M.K.R. Krishna Rao and A. Sattar

Learning from Entailment of Logic Programs with Local Variables

10.45 - 11.10: A. Yamamoto

Logical Aspects of Several Bottom-up Fittings

11.10 - 11.35: N. Sugimoto

Learnability of Translations from Positive Examples

11.35 - 12.00: K. Satoh

Analysis of Case-Based Representability of Boolean Functions by Monotone Theory

Lunch Break

SESSION 6: Friday, October 9, Afternoon

Chair: Arun Sharma

13.30 - 13.55: T. Head, S. Kobayashi and T. Yokomori

Locality, Reversibility, and Beyond: Learning Languages from Positive Data

13.55 - 14.20: J. Case and S. Jain

Synthesizing Learners Tolerating Computable Noisy Data

14.20 - 14.45: M. Sato, Y. Mukouchi and D. Zheng

Characteristic Sets for Unions of Regular Pattern Languages and Compactness

14.45 - 15.10: H. Sakamoto

Finding a One-Variable Pattern from Incomplete Data

15.10 - 15.35: H. Arimura, A. Wataki, R. Fujino and S. Arikawa

A Fast Algorithm for Discovering Optimal String Patterns in Large Text Databases

Coffee Break

SESSION 7: Friday, October 9, Afternoon

Chair: Akira Maruoka

16.30 - 16.55: E. Hirowatari and S. Arikawa

A Comparison of Identification Criteria for Inductive Inference of Recursive Real-Valued Functions

16.55 - 17.20: J. Case, S. Jain, S. Kaufmann, A. Sharma and F. Stephan

Predictive Learning Models for Concept Drift

17.20 - 17.45: S. Jain

Learning with Refutation

17.45 - 18.10: L. Meyer

Comparing the Power of Probabilistic Learning and Oracle Identification under Monotonicity Constraints

18.10 - 18.35: F. Stephan and Y. Ventsov

Learning Algebraic Structures from Text using Semantical Knowledge

Conference Dinner

SESSION 8: Saturday, October 10, Morning

Chair: Michael M. Richter

9.00 - 10.00: Invited Talk by Arun Sharma

What can Inductive Inference do for ILP?

Coffee Break

SESSION 9: Saturday, October 10, Morning

Chair: Carl Smith

10.20 - 10.45: M. Schmitt

On the Sample Complexity for Neural Trees

10.45 - 11.10: K. Verbeurgt

Learning Sub-Classes of Monotone DNF on the Uniform Distribution

11.10 - 11.35: J. Barzdins and U. Sarkans

Using Attribute Grammars for Description of Inductive Inference Search Space

11.35 - 12.00: G. Grieser, K.P. Jantke and S. Lange

Towards the Validation of Inductive Learning Systems

12.00 - 12.25: W. Stein

Consistent Polynomial Identification in the Limit

12.30: Adjorn