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If you read and use these pages, it is at your own responsiblilty. In particular

  • I am not responsible for any contents linked or referred to from these pages.
  • I do not accept any liability for damages of any kind that may result from using the information provided on this web site.
  • The reader of these pages, who reads a term that is not explicitely marked as a trademark, should not deduce that this term is necessarily not protected. In fact, these pages use protected names (such as "Windows") without stating explicitely that they are trademarks.

This sounds self-evident, doesn't it? Nevertheless there are rumors that people have already paid money for forgetting to explicitly give these statements. On the other hand, I intend and endeavor to

  • provide correct, up-to-date, complete, inoffensive, and interesting information on my site, and
  • refer to pages with the same purpose only.
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