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Is there a web site without a picture gallery...?

Here are some nice pictures of Monte Rosa (height 4634 mt), the second highest mountain of the European alps. Hopefully there will be also pictures of the Hokkaido mountains soon.

Sun rise, midsummer morning of 2003, view from San Salvatore.

This is not in Bavaria but Macugnaga, village at the end of Valle Anzasca (September 2003).

A sun rise from Passo di Monte Moro above Macugnaga in September 2003.

A little later that day.

The Swiss Alps north of Monte Rosa at sun rise (still September 2003): Strahlhorn, Rimpfischhorn, Allalinhorn, Alphubel, T�chhorn, Dom, and Nadelhorn.

A clear day in November 2003. Not only Lake Lugano is visible, but in the back also Lake Lago Maggiore.

December 2003, taken from Monte Gazzirola.

February 2004, approaching the ridge between Monte Lema and Monte Tamaro.

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