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How to automatically generating a list of publications in html from BibTeX like this one:
  1. Prepare a LaTeX document with a publications list in the order you like, e.g. by citing a whole bib-file with \nocite{*}
  2. use the jhtmlunsrt bib-style by including \bibliographystyle{jhtmlunsrt} (this is based on the BibHTML package from the TeX distribution)
  3. this bib-bstyle allows the fields url (specifies a link for the entry) and trurl (specifies an additional link for the entry, used for the "Technical Report Version")
  4. the bib-file can contain additional headlines, text, and separators as plain-entries, e.g. @plain{y2006, note = "<h2>2006</h2>"}
  5. LaTeX your source
  6. BibTeX your source
  7. process the resulting bbl file with pubhtml.pl ("perl pubhtml.pl file.bbl")
  8. use the resulting pub.html
Of course, you may modify the jhtmlunsrt bibstyle and the pubhtml.pl perl script according to your needs.
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