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Some small pieces of software I have written.
  • Kangoroo, a Japanese dictionary software (available for English and German+English) with the feature of "jumping" from Kanji to Kanji
  • Zpettro, a sound spectrum analyzer and digital tuner for Zaurus.
  • LightMap, a software for displaying small-scale maps, together with waypoints and tracks downloaded from a GPS receiver.
  • FigBib, organizing figure databases with BibTeX
  • Tiffprocess, extracting two text pages from one tiff image (works with multipage tiff), e.g. for processing scanned documents
  • Pubhtml, automatically generating a list of publications in html from BibTeX like this one
  • cleanlatex, a small collection of perl scripts to clean a latex source in order to transform a manuscript into a camera-ready version for sumbission
  • software and information related to Sharp Zaurus, including a page on how to connect it to a Garmin eTrex GPS receiver
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