The 21st International Conference
Algorithmic Learning Theory

Canberra, Australia
October 6 - 8, 2010


Canberra is the national capital of Australia and is located 300km south-west of Sydney. Canberra Airport has direct flights to and from all the capital cities of Australia. International attendies should be able to book, as a package, flights to and from Canberra (these would normally go via either Sydney or Melbourne).

It is also possible to catch a bus or train to/from Sydney (If you are an international student on a budget it can sometimes be cheaper, although slower, to book flights to Sydney and then catch the bus to Canberra. The bus picks-up/drops-off at the international airport in Sydney.). For route and pricing see:

The airport to the ANU it is only about 15mins by car so you can either:


International attendees will need to make certain they have the correct visas for attending the conference. See


Please make your own arrangements for accommodation. Note that ALT/DS have reserved some rooms at University House and Rydges for people attending the conference (you still need to book these directly). So if you book accommodation at one of these location please say that you are attending ALT/DS so you can take up one of these reserved rooms.

University House. This hotel is on ANU campus and is also the conference venue. Note, when booking a room please add ``ALT/DS 2010'' somewhere in the ``Special Requests & Additional Information'' field.

Rydges Lakeside Canberra Hotel This hotel is just off campus and a 10min walk to the conference venue. Note, when booking a room please state that you are attending ALT/DS 2010.
The rates for the group booking should be AUD$180/night for the nights of the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of October. You may have to book with different rates for dates outside that range.

Australian Capital Tourism maintains a web site with links to a number of possible accommodation options. This web site also has a range of interesting things for people to do and see in and around Canberra.

Although, some student residences offer casual accommodation this is generally only over the summer while their students are away.

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