Special Issue on

Algorithmic Learning Theory

for ALT '90 in

New Generation Computing Vol. 8, No. 4, 1991.

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The Special Issue on Algorithmic Learning Theory for AII'94 and ALT'94 in New Generation Computing has been edited by Setsuo Arikawa, K.P. Jantke and T. Yokomori.

Table of Contents

W. Bibel, Predictive Programming (Preface), 275 - 276,

S. Arikawa, K. Jantke and T. Yokomori, Introduction: Special Issue on Algorithmic Learning Theory, 277 - 280,

S. Amari, Mathematical Theory of Neural Learning, 281 - 294,

S. Muggleton, Inductive Logic Programming, 295 - 318,

N. Abe, Learning Commutative Deterministic Finite State Automata in Polynomial Time, 319 - 336,

A. Shinohara, S. Miyano, Teachability in Computational Learning, 337 - 348,

K.P. Jantke, Monotonic and Non-monotonic Inductive Inference, 349 - 360,

S. Lange and R. Wiehagen, Polynomial Time Inference of Arbitrary Pattern Languages, 361 - 370,

T. Shinohara, Inductive Inference of Monotonic Formal Systems from Positive Data, 371 - 384,

B. Indurkhya, On the Role of Interpretive Analogy in Learning, 385 - 402,

M. Hagiya, Synthesis of Rewrite Programs by Higher-Order and Semantic Unification 403 - 420.

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