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S. Otsuki
Discovery Learning in Intelligent Tutoring Systems 3 - 12
R. Wiehagen
From Inductive Inference to Algorithmic Learning Theory 13 - 24
A. Konagaya
A Stochastic Approach to Genetic Information Processing 25 - 36

Technical Papers

Learning via Query
T. Yokomori
On Learning Systolic Languages 41 - 52
J. L. Balcázar. J. Diaz, R. Gavalda, O. Watanabe
A Note on the Query Complexity of Learning DFA 53 - 62
K. Ito, A. Yamamoto
Polynomial-Time MAT Learning of Multilinear Logic Programs 63 - 74
Neural Networks
T. Kurita
Iterative Weighted Least Squares Algorithms for Neural Networks Classifiers 77 - 86
K. Niijima
Domains of Attraction in Autoassociative Memory Networks for Character Pattern Recognition 87 - 98
S. Akaho
Regularization Learning of Neural Networks for Generalization 99 - 110
R. Kamimura
Competitive Learning by Entropy Minimization 111 - 122
Inductive Inference
Y. Mukouchi
Inductive Inference with Bounded Mind Changes 125 - 134
H. Ishizaka, H. Arimura, T. Shinohara
Efficient Inductive Inference of Primitive Prologs from Positive Data 135 - 146
S. Kapur
Monotonic Language Learning 147 - 158
S. Jain, A. Sharma
Prudence in Vacillatory Language Identification 159 - 168
Analogical Reasoning
K. Ueda. S. Nagano
Implementation of Heuristic Problem Solving Process Including Analogical Reasoning 171 - 182
Y. Okubo, M. Haraguchi
Planning with Abstraction Based on Partial Predicate Mappings 183 - 194
Approximate Learning
Y. Sakai. A. Maruoka
Learning k-Term Monotone Boolean Formulae 197 - 207
J. Takeuchi
Some Improved Sample Complexity Bounds in the Probabilistic PAC Learning Model 208 - 219
M. Matsuoka
An Application of Bernstein Polynomials in PAC Model 220 - 228
T. Akutsu, A. Takasu
On PAC Learnability of Functional Dependencies 229 - 239
H. Mamitsuka, K. Yamanishi
Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Based on Stochastic-Rule Learning 240 - 251
Kakihara, H. Imai
Notes on the PAC Learning of Geometric Concepts with Additional Information 252 - 259
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