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P. Laird
Identifying and Using Patterns in Sequential Data 1 - 18
S. Miyano
Learning Theory Toward Genome Informatics 19 - 36
S. Muggleton
Optimal Layered Learning : a PAC approach to incremental sampling 37 - 44


Inductive Logic and Inference

J. Arima and H. Sawamura
Reformulation of Explanation by Linear Logic - Toward Logic for Explanation 45 - 57
J. Barzdins, G. Barzdins, K. Apsitis, U. Sarkans
Towards Efficient Inductive Synthesis of Expressions from Input/Output Examples 59 - 72
M. Hagiya
A Typed lambda-Calculus for Proving-by-Example and Bottom-up Generalization Procedure 73 - 86
K.P. Jantke and S. Lange
Case-Based Representation and Learning Pattern Languages 87 - 100
T. Sato and S. Akiba
Inductive Resolution 101 - 110
A. Yamamoto
Generalized Unification as Background Knowledge in Learning Logic Programs 111 - 122
Inductive Inference
Y. Mukouchi and S. Arikawa
Inductive Inference Machines That Can Refute Hypothesis Spaces 123 - 136
R. Freivalds and C.H. Smith
On the Duality between Mechanistic Learners and What it is They Learn 137 - 149
S. Jain and A. Sharma
On Aggregating Teams of Learning Machines 150 - 163
J. Viksna
Learning with Growing Quality 164 - 172
R. Daley and B. Kalyanasundaram
Use of Reduction Arguments on Determining Popperian FIN-Type Learning Capabilities 173 - 186
T. Moriyama and M. Sato
Properties of Language Classes with Finite Elasticity 187 - 196
S. Kapur
Uniform Characterizations of Various Kinds of Language Learning 197 - 208
T. Knuutila
How to Invent Characterizable Inference Methods for Regular Languages 209 - 222
Approximate Learning
J.R. Cuellar and H.U. Simon
Neural Discriminant Analysis 223 - 236
M. Iwayama, N. Indurkhya and H. Motoda
A New Algorithm for Automatic Configuration of Hidden Markov Models 237 - 250
A. Sakurai
On the VC-dimension of Depth Four Threshold Circuits and the Comlexity of Boolean-valued Functions 251 - 264
E. Takimoto and A. Maruoka
On the Sample Complexity of Consistent Learning with One-Sided Error 265 - 278
A. Shinohara
Complexity of Computing Vapnik-Chervonenkis Dimension 279 - 287
S. Hasegawa, H. Imai and M. Ishiguro
epsilon-approximations of k-label spaces 288 - 299
Query Learning
A. Nakamura and N. Abe
Exact Learning of Linear Combinations of Monotone Terms from Function Value Queries 300 - 313
R. Siromoney, D.G. Thomas, K.G. Subramanian, V.R. Dare
Thue Systems and DNA - A Learning Algorithm for a Subclass 314 - 327
Y. Ishigami and S. Tani
The VC-dimensions of Finite Automata with n states 328 - 341
Explanation-Based Learning
K. Yoshida, H. Motoda, and N. Indurkhya
Unifying Learning Methods by Colored Digraphs 342 - 355
M. Suwa and H. Motoda
A Perceptual Criterion for Visually Controlling Learning 356 - 369
S. Kobayashi
Learning Strategies Using Decision Lists 370 - 383
New Learning Paradigms
N. Zhong and S. Ohsuga
A Decomposition Based Induction Model for Discovering Concept Clusters from Databases 384 - 397
J.G. Ganascia
Algebraic Structure of Some Learning Systems 398 - 409
S. Tsumoto and H. Tanaka
Induction of Probabilistic Rules Based on Rough Set Theory 410 - 423
Index of Authors 424

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