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Analogical and Inductive Inference

Invited Papers

J. Barzdins
Towards Efficient Inductive Synthesis from Input/Output Examples 1
W. Bibel and M. Thielscher
Deductive Plan Generation 2
N. Dershowitz
From Specifications to Programs: Induction in the Service of Synthesis 6
T. Zeugmann
Average Case Analysis of Pattern Language Learning Algorithms 8

Selected Papers

A. Ambainis and J. Smotrovs
Enumerable Classes of Total Recursive Functions: Complexity of Inductive Inference 10
K. Apsitis
Derived Sets and Inductive Inference 26
O. Arnold and K.P. Jantke
Therapy Plan Generation as Program Synthesis 40
S. Bai
A Calculus for Logical Clustering 56
G. Baliga and J. Case
Learning with Higher Order Additional Information 64
A. Brazma and K. Cerans
Efficient Learning of Regular Expressions from Good Examples 76
R. Freivalds, O. Botuscharov and R. Wiehagen
Identifying Nearly Minimal Gödel Numbers from Additional Information 91
R. Freivalds, D. Gobleja, M. Karpinski and C.H. Smith
Co-Learnability and FIN-Identifiability of Enumerable Classes of Total Recursive Functions 100
C. Globig and S. Lange
On Case-Based Representability and Learnability of Languages 106
K. Hirata
Rule-Generating Abduction for Recursive Prolog 121
T. Iwatani, S. Tano, A. Inoue and W. Okamoto
Fuzzy Analogy Based Reasoning and Classification of Fuzzy Analogies 137
Y. Koga, E. Hirowatari and S. Arikawa
Explanation-Based Reuse of Prolog Programs 149
C.R. Mofizur and M. Numao
Constructive Induction for Recursive Programs 161
H.-C. Tu and C.H. Smith
Training Digraphs 176

Algorithmic Learning Theory

Invited Talks

N. Abe
Towards Realistic Theories of Learning 187
M.M. Richter
A Unified Approach lo Inductive Logic and Case-Based Reasoning 210
C.H. Smith
Three Decades of Team Learning 211

Selected Papers

P. Auer and N. Cesa-Bianchi
On-line Learning with Malicious Noise and the Closure Algorithm 229
S. Ben-David and E. Dichterman
Learnability with Restricted Focus of Attention Guarantees Noise-Tolerance 248
A. Brazma
Efficient Algorithm for Learning Simple Regular Expressions from Noisy Examples 260
Z. Chen
A Note on Learning DNF Formulas Using Equivalence and Incomplete Membership Queries 272
C. Ferretti and G. Mauri
Identifying Regular Languages over Partially-Commutative Monoids 282
W.I. Gasarch, M.G. Pleszkoch and M. Velauthapillai
Classification Using Information 290
A. Ishino and A. Yamamoto
Learning from Examples with Typed Equational Programming 301
H. Ishizaka, H. Arimura and T. Shinohara
Finding Tree Patterns Consistent with Positive and Negative Examples Using Queries 317
S. Jain
Program Synthesis in the Presence of Infinite Number of Inaccuracies 333
S. Jain and A. Sharma
On Monotonic Strategies for Learning r.e. Languages 349
S. Kapur
Language Learning under Various Types of Constraint Combinations 365
S. Kimura, A. Togashi and N. Shiratori
Synthesis Algorithm for Recursive Processes by mu-Calculus 379
E. Kinber
Monotonicity versus Efficiency for Learning Languages from Texts 395
S. Kobayashi and T. Yokomori
Learning Concatenations of Locally Testable Languages from Positive Data 407
S. Lange, J. Nessel and R. Wiehagen
Language Learning from Good Examples 423
S. Lange and P. Watson
Machine Discovery in the Presence of Incomplete or Ambiguous Data 438
S. Lange and T. Zeugmann
Set-Driven and Rearrangement-Independent Learning of Recursive Languages 453
S. Matsumoto and A. Shinohara
Refutably Probably Approximately Correct Learning 469
Y. Mukouchi
Inductive Inference of an Approximate Concept from Positive Data 484
A. Nakamura, N. Abe and J. Takeuchi
Efficient Distribution-Free Population Learning of Simple Concepts 500
Y. Okubo and M. Haraguchi
Constructing Predicate Mappings for Goal-Dependent Abstraction 516
Y. Sakakibara, K.P. Jantke and S. Lange
Learning Languages by Collecting Cases and Tuning Parameters 532
E. Takimoto, I. Tajika and A. Maruoka
Mutual Information Gaining Algorithm and Its Relation to PAC-Learning Algorithm 547
N. Tanida and T. Yokomori
Inductive Inference of Monogenic Pure Context-Free Languages 560
Index of Authors 575

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