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Editors' Introduction xi - xvii
S. Arikawa and A. Sharma
Managing Complexity in Neurodial Circuits (invited lecture) 1 - 11
L.G. Valiant
Learnability of Exclusive-Or Expansion Based on Monotone DNF Formulas 12 - 25
E. Takimoto, Y. Sakai and A. Maruoka
Improved Bounds about On-line Learning of Smooth Functions of a Single Variable 26 - 36
P.M. Long
Query Learning of Bounded-Width OBDDs 37 - 50
A. Nakamura
Learning a Representation for Optimizable Formulas 51 - 58
H. Kleine Büning and T. Lettmann
Limits of Exact Algorithms For Inference of Minimum Size Finite State Machines 59 - 66
A.L. Oliveira and S. Edwards
Genetic Fitness Optimization Using Rapidly Mixing Markov Chains (invited lecture) 67 - 82
P. Vitányi
The Kindest Cut: Minimum Message Length Segmentation 83 - 90
R.A. Baxter and J.J. Oliver
Reducing Complexity of Decision Trees with Two Variable Tests 91 - 99
R.A. Pearson and E.K.T. Smith
The Complexity of Exactly Learning Algebraic Concepts 100 - 112
V. Arvind and N. V. Vinodchandran
Efficient Learning of Real Time Two-Counter Automata 113 - 126
A.F. Fahmy and R.S. Roos
Cost-Sensitive Feature Reduction Applied to a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm 127 - 134
N. Lavrac, D. Gamberger and P. Turney
Effects of Feature Selection with ‘Blurring’ on NeuroFuzzy Systems 135 - 142
S. Piramuthu
Boosting First-Order Learning (invited lecture) 143 - 155
J. Ross Quinlan
Incorporating Hypothetical Knowledge into the Process of Inductive Synthesis 156 - 168
J. Barzdins and U. Sarkans
Induction of Constraint Logic Programs 169 - 176
L. Martin and C. Vrain
Constructive Learning of Translations Based on Dictionaries 177 - 184
N. Sugimoto, K. Hirata and H. Ishizaka
Inductive Logic Programming Beyond Logical Implication 185 - 198
J. Lu and J. Arima
Noise Elimination in Inductive Concept Learning: A Case Study in Medical Diagnosois 199 - 212
D. Gamberger, N. Lavrac and S. Dzeroski
MML Estimation of the Parameters of the Sherical Fisher Distribution 213 - 227
D.L. Dowe, J.J. Oliver, C.S. Wallace
Learning by Erasing 228 - 241
S. Lange, R. Wiehagen and T. Zeugmann
On Learning and Co-learning of Minimal Programs 242 - 255
S. Jain, E. Kinber and R. Wiehagen
Inductive Inference of Unbounded Unions of Pattern Languages
from Positive Data
(invited lecture)
256 - 271
T. Shinohara and H. Arimura
A Class of Prolog Programs Inferable from Positive Data 272 - 284
M.R.K. Krishna Rao
Vacillatory and BC Learning on Noisy Data 285 - 298
J. Case, S. Jain and F. Stephan
Transformations that Preserve Learnability 299 - 311
A. Ambainis and R. Freivalds
Probabilitic Limit Identification up to ``Small'' Sets 312 - 324
J. Viksna
Reflecting Inductive Inference Machines and Its Improvement by Therapy 325 - 336
G. Grieser
Author Index 337

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