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Editors' Introduction 1 - 7
Naoki Abe, Roni Khardon, and T. Zeugmann

Invited Papers

The Discovery Science Project in Japan, Abstract. 9 - 11
Setsuo Arikawa

Queries Revisited, Abstract. 12 - 31
Dana Angluin

Robot Baby 2001, Abstract. 32 - 56
Paul R. Cohen, Tim Oates, Niall Adams, and Carole R. Beal

Discovering Mechanisms: A Computational Philosophy of Science Perspective,
57 - 57
Lindley Darden

Inventing Discovery Tools: Combining Information Visualization with Data Mining, Abstract. 58 - 58
Ben Shneiderman

Regular Contributions

Complexity of Learning Learning

On Learning Correlated Boolean Functions Using Statistical Queries
(Extended Abstract)
, Abstract.
59 - 76
Ke Yang

A Simpler Analysis of the Multi-way Branching Decision Tree Boosting Algorithm,
77 - 91
Kohei Hatano

Minimizing the Quadratic Training Error of a Sigmoid Neuron Is Hard, Abstract. 92 - 105
Jiří Šíma

Support Vector Machines

Learning of Boolean Functions Using Support Vector Machines, Abstract. 106 - 118
Ken Sadohara

A Random Sampling Technique for Training Support Vector Machines,
119 - 134
José Balcázar, Yang Dai, and Osamu Watanabe

New Learning Models

Learning Coherent Concepts, Abstract. 135 - 150
Ashutosh Garg, Dan Roth
Learning Intermediate Concepts, Abstract. 151 - 166
Stephen S. Kwek

Real-Valued Multiple-Instance Learning with Queries, Abstract. 167 - 180
Daniel R. Dooly, Sally A. Goldman and Stephen S. Kwek

Online Learning

Loss Functions, Complexities, and the Legendre Transformation , Abstract. 181 - 189
Yuri Kalnishkan, Michael V. Vyugin and Volodya Vovk

Non-linear Inequalities between Predictive and Kolmogorov Complexities,
190 - 204
Michael V. Vyugin and Vladimir V. V'yugin

Inductive Inference

Learning by Switching Type of Information, Abstract. 205 - 218
Sanjay Jain and Frank Stephan

Learning How to Separate , Abstract. 219 - 234
Sanjay Jain and Frank Stephan

Learning Languages in a Union , Abstract. 235 - 250
Sanjay Jain, Yen Kaow Ng, and Tiong Seng Tay

On the Comparison of Inductive Inference Criteria for Uniform Learning of
Finite Classes
, Abstract.
251 - 266
Sandra Zilles

Refutable Inductive Inference

Refutable Language Learning with a Neighbor System , Abstract. 267 - 282
Yasuhito Mukouchi and Masako Sato

Learning Recursive Functions Refutably , Abstract. 283 - 298
Sanjay Jain, Efim Kinber, Rolf Wiehagen and Thomas Zeugmann

Refuting Learning Revisited , Abstract. 299 - 314
Wolfgang Merkle and Frank Stephan

Learning Structures and Languages

Efficient Learning of Semi-structured Data from Queries , Abstract. 315 - 331
Hiroki Arimura, Hiroshi Sakamoto and Setsuo Arikawa

Extending Elementary Formal Systems , Abstract. 332 - 347
Steffen Lange, Gunter Grieser, Klaus P. Jantke

Learning Regular Languages Using RFSA , Abstract. 348 - 363
François Denis, Aurélien Lemay and Alain Terlutte

Inference of $\omega$-Languages from Prefixes , Abstract. 364 - 377
Colin de la Higuera and Jean-Christophe Janodet

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