Special Issue on

Algorithmic Learning Theory

for AII '94 and ALT '94 in

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New Generation Computing Vol. 15, No. 1, 1997.

The Special Issue on Algorithmic Learning Theory for AII'94 and ALT'94 in New Generation Computing has been edited by Setsuo Arikawa and Michael M. Richter.

Table of Contents

S. Arikawa and M.M. Richter,
Preface, 1 - 2,

N. Abe,
Towards Realistic Theories of Learning, 3 - 26,

O. Arnold and K.P. Jantke,
Inductive Program Synthesis for Therapy Plan Generation, 27 - 58.

C. Globig, K.P. Jantke S. Lange and Y. Sakakibara,
On Case-Based Learnabilty of Languages, 59 - 85.

A. Ishino and A. Yamamoto,
Generalizations in Typed Equational Programming and Their Application to Learning Functions, 85 - 104,

A. Brazma and K. Cerans,
Noise-tolerant Efficient Inductive Synthesis of Regular Expressions from Good Examples,
105 - 140.

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