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  • First: Click a few times on "Step" and see what happens
  • If nothing happens or there is not even a button to click on, then probably the Java system of your web browser dos not work properly.
  • You may view the base figure, the replacing figure, or the resulting fractal
  • For the base figure, you may choose a line, a triangle, or a square
  • You can edit the replacing figure with the mouse
    • move node: left click on node and drag
    • insert node: left click on line
    • delete node: right click on node
  • You may select the replace direction: up, down, and alternating
  • In the base figure and fractal views, use the mouse to zoom in
  • You may abort the computation by clicking the "Step" button again (its label is changed to "Abort" during the computation)
  • Be careful not to compute too many steps all the same, since resource demand grows exponentially!
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