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At this page you can find addtional information concerning various topics ranging from ressources on the web I found useful to something more personal. I hope you can find something useful, too, at this page.

My Erdös Number is 3

T. Erlebach, P. Rossmanith, H. Stadtherr, A. Steger, and T. Zeugmann, Learning one-variable pattern languages very efficiently on average, in parallel, and by asking queries,
Theoretical Computer Science Vol. 261, Issue 1 (2001), 119-156.
Y. Kohayakawa, B. Kreuter, A. Steger,
An extremal problem for random graphs and the number of graphs with large even-girth,
Combinatorica Vol. 18, No. 1 (1998), 101-120.
P.Erdös, A. Gyárfás, Y. Kohayakawa,
The size of the largest bipartite subgraphs,
Discrete Math. 177, No. 1-3 (1997), 267--271.

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