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Abduction and the Dualization Problem, Abstract. 1 - 2
Thomas Eiter

Signal Extraction and Knowledge Discovery Based on
Statistical Modeling
, Abstract.
3 - 14
Genshiro Kitagawa

Association Computation for Information Access, Abstract. 15
Akihiko Takano,

Efficient Data Representations that Preserve Information, Abstract. 16
Naftali Tishby

Can Learning in the Limit be Done Efficiently? , Abstract. 17 - 38
Thomas Zeugmann


Inductive Inference

Intrinsic Complexity of Uniform Learning, Abstract. 39 - 53
Sandra Zilles

On Ordinal VC-Dimension and Some Notions of Complexity, Abstract. 54 - 68
Eric Martin, Arun Sharma and Frank Stephan

Learning of Erasing Primitive Formal Systems from Positive Examples,
69 - 83
Jin Uemura and Masako Sato

Changing the Inference Type - Keeping the Hypothesis Space, Abstract. 84 - 98
Frank Balbach

Learning and Information Extraction

Robust Inference of Relevant Attributes, Abstract. 99 - 113
Jan Arpe and Rüdiger Reischuk

Efficient Learning of Ordered and Unordered Tree Patterns with
Contractible Variables
, Abstract.
114 - 128
Yusuke Suzuki, Takayoshi Shoudai, Satoshi Matsumoto, Tomoyuki Uchida
and Tetsuhiro Miyahara

Learning with Queries

On the Learnability of Erasing Pattern Languages in the
Query Model
, Abstract.
129 - 143
Steffen Lange and Sandra Zilles
Learning of Finite Unions of Tree Patterns with Repeated Internal
Structured Variables from Queries
, Abstract.
144 - 158
Satoshi Matsumoto, Yusuke Suzuki, Takayoshi Shoudai, Tetsuhiro Miyahara
and Tomoyuki Uchida

Learning with Non-linear Optimization

Kernel Trick Embedded Gaussian Mixture Model, Abstract. 159 - 174
Jingdong Wang, Jianguo Lee and Changshui Zhang

Efficiently Learning the Metric with Side-Information, Abstract. 175 - 189
Tijl De Bie, Michinari Momma and Nello Cristianini

Learning Continuous Latent Variable Models with
Bregman Divergences
, Abstract.
190 - 204
Shaojun Wang and Dale Schuurmans

A Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithm for Structural Risk Minimisation, Abstract. 205 - 220
Joel Ratsaby

Learning from Random Examples

On the Complexity of Training a Single Perceptron with Programmable
Synaptic Delays
, Abstract.
221 - 233
Jiří Šíma

Learning a Subclass of Regular Patterns in Polynomial Time, Abstract. 234 - 246
John Case, Sanjay Jain, Rüdiger Reischuk, Frank Stephan and Thomas Zeugmann

Identification with Probability One of Stochastic Deterministic Linear Languages,
247 - 258
Colin de la Higuera and Jose Oncina

Online Prediction

Criterion of Calibration for Transductive Confidence Machine with
Limited Feedback
, Abstract.
259 - 267
Ilia Nouretdinov and Vladimir Vovk

Well-Calibrated Predictions from Online Compression Models, Abstract. 268 - 282
Vladimir Vovk

Transductive Confidence Machine Is Universal, Abstract. 283 - 297
Ilia Nouretdinov, Vladimir V'yugin and Alex Gammerman

On the Existence and Convergence of Computable
Universal Priors
, Abstract.
298 - 312
Marcus Hutter

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